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Let’s create a green tomorrow!

Welcome to the Greentom B2B page!

You are now part of the global Greentom team. We are happy to have you and will do our best to help you represent our brand in the best way possible.

On this page you will find everything you need in order to represent the Greentom brand, mission and values.

All information below is confidential.

Thank you for helping us create a green tomorrow for our children!

Greentom Operations B.V.
Limmelderweg 6
6222 PB Maastricht
The Netherlands
+31 43 4100 888

Managing Director
Maarten Wellens
Floor WellensMarketing & Communications
Floor Wellens
Roger SchefferNew Business
Roger Scheffer
Myrthe van EnckevortSupply Chain & Operations
Myrthe van Enckevort
+31 6 107 883 14
Britt van der HeijdenCustomer Care
Britt van der Heijden
+31 43 4100 888
Simone DaemenOnline Marketing
Simone Daemen
Product Engineering
Jordy Hollands
Susie Jae
Graphic Design
Veronique de Jong
Guido Tossens

Hanson Zou


Images, catalogs and press releases

For product images, catalogs and press releases, please go here.


To download our collection of fabric set images, click here (zip file, 204 MB).

fabric sets

Brand Identity

Our communication, branding and art work is essential to the Greentom identity, message and values. Our Style Guide is created to communicate our branding guidelines and to ensure that our brand maintains a consistent look and feel. Please follow the defined guidelines to keep the Greentom brand recognizable, distinctive and unique.


Here you find the Greentom manuals. Please note that Greentom offers different manuals for different markets. Country specific regulations and certifications dictate a slightly different product specifications. The manuals contain important instructions on the proper use of the Greentom products as well as warnings and contact information.

Need more help with product instructions?
Please click here to browse through all Greentom instruction videos.

Manual International
GTU1-160-0014 – version 1.12 2019
Manual China
GTU1-160-0041 – version 1.4 2017
Manual USA
GTU1-160-0015 – version 1.8 2017
Manual Poland
GTU1-160-0073 – version 1.1 2018
Manual Russia
GTU1-160-0075 – version 1.0 2018
Manual Ukraine
GTU1-160-0076 – version 1.0 2019

Product overview, catalog and specifications

Here you find the latest product catalog, product overviews and specifications. Please note that the catalog, overviews and specs may vary slightly in different markets!

Technical specifications

Point of Sale materials

Greentom offers a variety of materials that will help the retailer communicate the right message to the customers. Here you will find an overview of the materials that you can order.

If you need material that is more country-specific, please contact: Our team will be happy to design an alternative for you.


Below you will find the Greentom product certifications. If you have any questions relating to specific tests or materials, please contact

Ean codes

All Greentom products have an EAN code, you will find all EAN codes here:

Package specifications

Greentom packaging is specified here:

Spare parts and repair manuals

In this section you will find the spare parts and repair manuals.
Any questions? Please contact:

Maintenance videos and test results

How to clean the brake

The coverstrips

Swivel check

Test results

GreenTribe program

Greentom offers the GreenTribe program in order to allow Greentom ambassadors to experience Greentom products and accessories in exchange for sharing stories on the Greentom brand, vision and products with their following.

This way, the ambassadors will help build the Greentom brand worldwide. If potential ambassadors approach you or if you have any suggestions, please forward these requests to Greentom will contact the ambassador directly and evaluate if they are a suitable Greentom partner. If so, they will be included in the program as GreenTribe ambassadors.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact:

Let's create a green tomorrow!